Elay Shech

I am a philosopher specializing in philosophy of science and philosophy of physics. However, my research interests are broad and center on a wide range of areas in philosophy including history of philosophy (ancient and modern), philosophy of mathematics, history of science, metaphysics, and bioethics.

I  received my PhD from the department of History and Philosophy of Science at University of Pittsburgh in the Spring of 2015. My dissertation concerns the philosophical underpinnings of representation and idealization in science, and is directed by John Earman and John D. Norton. In August 2015, I will be joining Auburn University’s Department of Philosophy as Assistant Professor of Philosophy.

In my free time I enjoy cooking (authentic and traditional cuisines from around the world), reading literature (my current favorites include Victorian novels, as well as science fiction and fantasy), and playing music (mostly the Geetar, but I have been trying to pick up the Banjer as well). I like to take long walks in the Western Pennsylvanian fall.